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On the WineRoad


The center of the reintroduction of storks: the white stork, the otter, the big hamster… A discovery path among nature.

Butterfly world: On the WineRoad, between two of the biggest Alsatian tourist sites, Ribeauvillé and Riquewihr, we introduce you for the greatest pleasure of eyes, a fascinating collection of exotic butterflies, living freely among a luxuriant flora. The visitor goes for a walk in the middle of hundreds of butterflies from Africa, Asia, America and so, discover the hidden life of these jewels of nature. The biggest butterflies of the world wait for your visit. To know about it a little more,

Ideas to be kept…

You have a balcony to be trimmed, a garden to be decorated with flowers and you do not know that to choose: discover our farandole of exceptional plants in our outdoor gardens. They are there to delight you. And all summer long, use our air-conditioned places!

Cigoland: Discovery and entertainments for children and grown-ups. You will find there 15 attractions for all ages and 1 pedagogic video projection on the topic of the white stork. A true day of relaxation for young and grown-up, in a splendid landscape.
New attraction: the monorail ” The Storks ” will carry you about five metres high for a trip on board of a nest, an itinerary of more than 1000 metres and from April 8th till September 9th, come to discover the circus.

Monkey mountain: unforgettable instants ! Come to get away the time of a wonderful promenade among more than 200 macaques of Barbarism, who live in freedom on 24 hectares of forests, you will appreciate the direct contact with the monkeys and many possibilities of observation of this amazing kind in an exceptional place! A complete immersion.

The Flight of eagles: in Alsace, very close to Haut Koenigsbourg and to Wine Route, the ruins of the medieval castle of Kintzheim stands on the top of a hill covered by black fir-trees. It is possible to see big dark wings moving around above the old mossy walls. The rapacious are the masters of places there! The Flying of the Eagles gives its visitors the unique occasion to be able to notice and admire in the full sky or very near the nicest and biggest rapacious of the world! In an impressive show or emotion is significant and guaranteed feelings!

The Naiads: the Aquarium of Ottrott in 1990, a tremendous adventure around the topic of the Water. The course of the visit is made according to the cycle of the water (underground water, qlick water, calm water, stagnant water, estuaries, marine water).

Birds such: the cock who sings, the hen who titters, the chicken who chirps, the goose who snipes and the duck who tattles, the peacock who calls “Léon”, the guinea hen who cacabe or shrieks, the turtle dove who coos, and the turkey which gurgles… The animals are lodged in small houses reminding of the Alsatian half-timbering.

Some other curiosities of Alsace

The castle of Haut-Koenigsbourg

Dominating the plain of Alsace, the castle of Haut Koenigsbourg is the best most known fortified castle of Alsace and one of the most visited monuments in Alsace. The castle of Haut Koenigsbourg was entirely restored at the request of the Emperor Guillaume II from 1900, that makes its originality and its attraction, in spite of debates which concern restoration. An inevitable monument to be visited.

The Mont Sainte Odile

The spiritual center of Alsace, the mount Saint-Odile welcomes you in a monastic landscape. Come to meditate and pray as a pilgrim, pay a visit as a tourist, restore you, to cultivate you, to be formed, to recharge your batteries. In the Mount Saint – Odile you will enjoy an exceptional panorama, paths marked out with beacons for the pedestrian, areas of reflexion. In Catholic spiritual tradition deepen your personal research, meet people and groups, exchange, share, pray, celebrate. Priests, a community of nuns, personnel in various functions are at your service.


The village and the church Sainte-Richarde.

The imposing abbey church Sainte-Richarde was founded in Andlau by the Empress Richarde, wife of emperor Charles le Gros towards 880. Sainte-Richarde is canonised by the pope Léon IX who transferred his remains in the church in 1049. In 1288 the abbess receives princess’s title there. Starts then a very auspicious period for the abbey church which will notably compete with Murbach’s one. It is also known under the name of church Saints-Pierre-et-Paul.

In Germany

At one hour by car from :

Rust: Europa Park, Theme park and center of attraction.

Baden Baden: balneology and put back into shape. Baden-Baden, the city which allows you to use life to the full. Balneology big style, complete relaxation and royal entertainment!
The Thermal Baths of Caracalla in the middle of the city offer you a heaven relaxing method between the great columns of marble, dive into the blue water of the internal basin of this glassy seaside temple. From a depth of 2000m 12 beneficent thermal sources flow and give you an unforgettable seaside pleasure on 4000m ². Romantic caves in the hot or cold water, basins with bubbles, cataracts, channels with current and beautiful throws of massage: you will have already forgotten the ambient world when you will use a cold and hot experience in the unique Roman sauna!

Already know each other Blue Space – the sensory liquid space? Enter the world fascinating senses! Magical sound colours, luminous blue sounds and soft vibrations create a unique space experience! Relax on the light bodies and explore your infinite internal space!

Moreover, another clever word of advice: the world belongs to those who get up early. It is also valid in the paradise of thermal baths. Use this wonderful water paradise at the early hours, you will see…

You still do not know the nice feeling that invades you after a massage with soap and brush? It is time to go and make a jump in the baths of Friedrichsbad. Relax and let yourself go! Isn’t it tempting.

Baden-Baden is a German city, located in the Land of Bade-Wurtemberg. The city is known as a centre of the holiday, spa and for its international festivals. In 1997, the title of Olympic City was awarded to Baden-Baden by the Olympic International Committee. On December 31st, 2008, the city counted 54 777 inhabitants.

Baden-Baden is part of the region of Karlsruhe and the urban Aerie Mittlerer Oberrhein.

In the center of Alsace, on the outskirts of one of the most beautiful mountain-villages bordered by streams and privative forests, the Cerisaie on Breitenbach is a place of exceptional charm which offers you peace and serenity.

The “Cerisaie” (the Cherry Orchard), offers you 5 charming guestrooms labelled Charmance (Gîtes de France) and 2 lodgings labelled Gîtes de France”.